Shenee Holloway for Duluth City Council

Hello. I'm Shenée Johnson Holloway, and I am honored to serve as Duluth City Council member for Post 5.

Building bridges, connecting communities.

I believe in Duluth, and I believe in the power of engagement, growth, and connection. Our community is diverse and vibrant. Let's create a secure future for all. My Platform Principles are listed below.


Our strength lies in our unity. Families thrive when people work together. By promoting open dialogue and conversations, we can build bridges and create an even stronger community. 


I will work tirelessly to build relationships with community members, organizations, and local businesses to find common ground and develop a shared vision. 


By supporting local businesses, attracting new industries, and investing in our youth, I will work to ensure that Duluth remains a place where everyone can thrive and prosper. 

Connect with me.