About Shenée

"I want to bring people together in the City of Duluth and help our community grow and improve by working together. I will be a leader who values honesty and fairness for everyone. I believe in actively involving all community members so we can each take pride, care, and responsibility for making our community the best it can be."  --Shenée Johnson Holloway

I am Shenée Johnson Holloway, a long-time resident of Duluth, and I am your newly elected Duluth City Council Member for Post 5. 

I currently serve as a Coordinator for Family Engagement with Gwinnett County Public Schools. I had the privilege of being an English/Language Arts teacher at Hull Middle School and Duluth High School, and I was honored to be named Teacher of the Year at Hull Middle for the 2012-2013 school year. In addition to my work in education, I have been actively involved in various roles within the community.

Let's build bridges together! 


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